This privacy policy sets out how our Enigma uses and protects the personal data messaging service ("Service") that you provide to us or that we obtain or generate in other ways related to your use of our cloud-based data. For the purposes of this privacy policy, "me", "us" and "our" refer to Enigma, and "you" refer to you, the user of the service.

1.1Privacy policy

·We will not sell your data.
·We will not use your chat and other data to show you ads.
·We only store the data necessary for Enigma as a secure and feature-rich messaging service.
·When you publish illegal content that affects the normal operation of the platform, the platform can clean up.

2 What personal data do we use

2.1Basic account data

We use the mobile phone number you provided to register, and use your uploaded picture and personal nickname as your user profile information.
Your mobile phone number will be used as a credential to find users and a mark to distinguish the users source region. The mobile phone number will not be displayed in other peoples data. If you dont want to be searched by others through the mobile phone number, you can turn it off in the privacy settings.
Your profile picture will be displayed in the data. By default, it is only visible to your contacts. You can set the display permission of your profile picture in privacy.
Your nickname is always public, but we do not require you to use your real name.

2.2 Your email address

You can set an email address as a remedy for forgetting the two-step verification password. We will not disclose it, and as a reminder, only the first and last two characters of the mailbox will be prompted.
We will not send any marketing content to your email address.

2.3 Your information

2.3.1 End-to-end encrypted chat

End-to-end encrypted chat includes: one-to-one private chat, encrypted group chat, encrypted anonymous group chat.
The text you send in an encrypted chat will be encrypted using end-to-end technology. Only the participants in the chat have the decryption key. The server only stores the encrypted text for you, and we cannot decrypt your message.
Your files, pictures, videos, audios, and sounds will be encrypted locally and uploaded to the cloud server. The encrypted key will be encrypted again end-to-end as part of the message. For cloud storage, the encrypted file Readability will be lost, the file name will be processed into unreadable random characters, and there is no way to know the usage scenario of this file in chat.
We store your encrypted chat data. You need to use the key information of the device you have logged in to decrypt the encrypted chat data. You can get these encrypted messages from any device at any time. If all the logged-in devices have been lost, we will clean up the encrypted data that cannot be decrypted after obtaining your confirmation.

2.3.2 Super Group

A super group can hold up to 100,000 people, and it is not technically suitable for end-to-end encryption. You will get this prompt when you set up a group chat.
Our global communication with the server is based on TLS encryption, which prevents your chat data from being eavesdropped or tampered with by others.
The files you upload in the super group are still encrypted to ensure that the cloud server itself cannot access your files.
The server will index the chat data of the super large group so that you can use the complete message search function when the local message is incomplete, and it is only valid for chat participants.

2.4 Address book data

We will not obtain your system address book permissions, and will not obtain your system address book data.

2.5 Location data

When you share location data with others, in an encrypted chat, your sending location data will be encrypted end-to-end, and only the client devices of the chat participants can know your shared location.

2.6 Call & Conference

The call or meeting in the encrypted chat will also use end-to-end encryption, and will be transferred through our VoIP server, which makes the IP information not exposed to the other party during the communication process.

2.7 Your device information

In order to complete the message push function and device management function normally, we will collect your device name, platform, system version, last login time and other information. You can check the device information collected by us in Settings-Active Sessions.

3 Processing your personal data

3.1 Handling of prohibited content

We need to follow the guidelines of the App Store and Google Play, otherwise it will lead to the delisting of our platform. Therefore, we need to clean up the prohibited content inside the platform, including but not limited to pornography, violent terrorism, child harm, fraudulent information, etc. For details, please refer to "User Agreement”.

3.2 Malicious user information collection

In order to avoid malicious users from publishing spam or maliciously prohibited content on our platform, we will record the ID, mobile phone number, IP location information, login time and other information of the users we have processed. And further block related malicious user behaviors, such as deleting information, sending information, registering, etc.

3.3 Disputes between users

We do not provide payment functions, and messages between users are also invisible to the server (see 2.3.1 End-to-End Encryption). We cannot notarize the content of user chat screenshots, so we do not handle disputes between users and we only provide reliable encrypted information transmission functions.

4 Delete data

4.1 Account data

You can actively delete your account in the settings. When deleting, you can choose to delete all the information you send in the encrypted chat.

4.2 Information data

·In the chat, if you choose "Delete for everyone", the server will completely delete this information and notify all other devices of the chat participants to delete.
·If you select "Delete only for me", the server will mark this message as invisible to you and tell you other devices to delete it.

4.3 Self-destruct message

You can choose to specify the self-destruction attribute of the message or media when sending it, and delete it for everyone after the other party has read it for a certain period of time.

4.4 Account self-destruction

By default, if you have not been online for 3 months, we will delete your account. You can modify this time in the settings.

5 Other

We may update our privacy policy from time to time, so we recommend that you check this page regularly.
If you have any questions or suggestions about our privacy policy, please contact us.